Savage Worlds Adventure's Guild (SWAG) FAQ

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I already have a publisher account at DriveThruRPG. Should I use my normal publisher tools for submitting SWAG titles?

No. SWAG titles are managed from the My Content section of your Account page.

Do not use your normal Publisher Hub to set up new Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild titles.

Royalties for title sales will likewise accrue in your customer account, not in your publisher earnings account.

Can I use my publisher tools on my Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild content?

SWAG content is associated only with your customer account, not your publisher account. The tools available to you for your SWAG content are found on the Account page and are a simplified subset of your normal publisher tools.

Can I release the same products on both Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild and on DriveThruRPG?

Any content created for SWAG, which is completely separate from your other publishing efforts, must remain exclusive to SWAG. It cannot be listed anywhere else, not even on, and will not be considered part of your publisher account (although it will be part of your “My Content” on the new site).

SWAG titles will be searchable within the OBS system. A double upload will only confuse people. :)

Who owns material in SWAG?

You retain the copyright of any original IP (intellectual property) you create for SWAG. Pinnacle Entertainment retains the IP for its published rules, settings, characters, concepts, plots, and storylines.

Please note that as a content creator and publisher you are responsible for defending your IP. Pinnacle makes no makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of any product in the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG).

What kind of products are welcome in the SWAG?

Original settings, scenarios (one-sheets), adventures, maps, Edges/Hindrances, Powers, NPC’s and Monsters, and Gear, as well as character sheets.

Any format is welcome: PDF, Print on Demand, cards, fiction, maps, music, etc.

What types of content are prohibited?

Conversions of other settings, roleplaying games, media, or any other copyrighted material without express permission of the owner.

Software or Apps – If you have an idea for this please contact Pinnacle directly at

In addition:

Your Work must not contain material that a reasonable person would consider libellous, defamatory, or discriminatory; that violates the copyrights or trademarks of another parts; or that violates the law. Pinnacle requests, but will not limit, that your content refrain from advocating the excessive use of nicotine, alcohol, or addictive or harmful substances.

Content should be comparable with a PG-13/12A movie, and the rule of common sense applies. If in doubt, please contact

Can I create and sell SWAG content for previous editions of Savage Worlds?

In short, no.

Several approved Official License companies have products already published (prior to September 2018) referencing earlier editions. These will still be available for purchase.

If you wish to base your product on the previous rules you are strongly encouraged to produce the content for free outside of the SWAG portal.

If you want to sell material for older editions, then special permission may be given at the sole discretion of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. In this event please contact the Licensee Manager with a detailed proposal of no more than 500 words at


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