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Tell us why YOU love DriveThruRPG! We're putting together a commercial and want YOU to be in it. Join our video contest (open until May 31st), and we'll select our favorites to win a $25 credit on DriveThruRPG-powered sites AND be edited into a commercial for release on YouTube and other video platforms.

How do I submit a video?

Go to our submission form and upload here or paste into your URL.

What is it you’re looking for?

Videos of you! Tell us why you love DriveThruRPG. Tell us your favorite titles. Tell us why you love creating for it. Tell us what makes it different from other sites.

Format is flexible and enthusiastic creativity is encouraged! We should be able to handle most video formats and videos from your webcam or phone are welcome. Note that we'll be using a tiny snippet of each video selected.

Who can submit a video?

Anyone and everyone who has a DriveThru login. If you don’t have a login you can make an account and then submit a video.

What if I can’t think of what to say?

If you can’t think of what to say then we recommend this script:

Hi, I’m [state your name] and I got [say your favorite game] on DriveThruRPG. They have all the best games you’re looking for.

What am I agreeing to?

By submitting this video you agree:

  • You have the rights to the video submitted in all countries and territories.
  • Images and depictions of minors have been done with the express permission of the parents.
  • You warrant to us that you have all rights to the video in perpetuity including but not limited to the right to edit and alter.
  • You retain the rights to the original video and may share it.
  • If we use your video we’ll give you a one-time $25.00 site credit. Only the person submitting the video will be awarded and it is one award per video.
  • In exchange for the site credit, you give us permission to use the video for advertisement and other purposes. This is a one-time payment even if the video is used multiple times, in different formats, in other advertisements, and for other purposes.

Will you be using my whole video?

We might but more likely we’ll be using a portion of it.

What do I get?

If your video is chosen you will be given a $25.00 on-site credit added to your account. This money cannot be cashed out with PayPal fees and can only be used for purchases on one of our sites.

How will I be notified if I’m chosen?

You’ll receive an email to the account associated with your DriveThruRPG login.

When do entries need to be submitted by?

All entries have until May 31st at midnight EST to be submitted. After that time entries will be closed. Multiple entries will not result in multiple awards if multiple clips are used.

When will this commercial come out?

Video editing takes time so we don’t want to commit to a solid release date but we will announce on our social media when it comes out.

What if you decide to use footage for some other commercial later?

If any footage not chosen for this round of commercial use is chosen and used later, you will be notified to your DriveThruRPG account email and you will receive the same $25.00 in credit.

What if I have questions about this?



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