Tri-Stat Emporium: Community Content Guidelines

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NOTE: This page is under construction, terms still pending


The Tri-Stat Emporium is a community content programme hosted on DriveThruRPG and facilitated by Dyskami Publishing Company (Dyskami). This allows you to create and sell new digital content for the Tri-Stat System, as presented in BESM Fourth Edition.


How Tri-Stat Emporium Works

Under the programme, anyone can create digital PDF content using the BESM Fourth Edition game line and Tri-Stat System and sell it on the DriveThruRPG website. You can write adventures, character/weapon/animal compilations, new powers and abilities, alternate game rules, fiction, world books, new setting/genre materials, enhanced character sheets, artwork — just about anything you want! You set the sales price for your content (or give it away for free) and DriveThruRPG pays you 50% of that price for every sale made on their site. It’s that easy!

Dyskami, the producer of the BESM Fourth Edition line, has developed toolkit modules that will assist you in the creation of your own content as well. This includes a style guide, layout templates, art packs, and more. You can download all that content for free to use it in your own creations, or go it solo and create your own BESM/Tri-Stat System material from scratch.

The Tri-Stat Emporium is only licensed for use on the DriveThruRPG site. If you want to produce Tri-Stat System works for print publication or for sale or distribution outside the DriveThruRPG website (even if you’re only giving it away for free), you must first contact Dyskami ( for permission and negotiate a specific licensing agreement.


Scope of the Emporium

Currently, you can only create content for the Tri-Stat System as implement in the BESM Fourth Edition line by Dyskami. This means that content that aligns with any earlier edition of the Tri-Stat System is not permitted under the Emporium. Such earlier editions include: BESM (1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions), Silver Age Sentinels, and Tri-Stat dX.

Although BESM is marketed as an anime and manga role-playing game, your Emporium works do not need to have any affiliation with anime or manga or any of the setting/genre material presented in BESM Fourth Edition. BESM’s underlying Tri-Stat System is a universal RPG system appropriate for any genre, setting, or power level – so do not feel like your works must be limited in any way.

In the future, the Emporium may be expanded to include other version of the Tri-Stat System, but for now it’s only BESM Fourth Edition.


Text Usage

The goal of the Emporium is to encourage creation of new material, not copying and republishing of existing material. Any amount of text included in the freely distributed BESM Primer can be republished in your Emporium works. Furthermore, game-specific terminology – such as the names of Stats, Attributes, Defects, Derived Values, Enhancements, Limiters, and other similar game terms – from any of the BESM Fourth Edition books can be used in your Emporium works as well. Finally, you are also allowed to copy small sections text from any BESM Fourth Edition books published by Dyskami. “Small” can be defined as a maximum of 100 consecutive words, not to exceed a combined total of 1000 words from a particular published book or volume. Please use your best judgement to create and not copy. If you wish to refer to larger sections of text from BESM Fourth Edition or its expansions in your Emporium works, simply ask the reader to refer to the specific book title.


Art Usage

No art can be reused in your Emporium works that come from any published Tri-Stat System titles, with the exception of artwork that is included in the art packs distributed by Dyskami under this community content programme. When using this artwork in your Emporium works, you must credit the artist as indicated in the art pack instructions.


Content Restrictions

Your Emporium works are not allowed to include any of the following content:

• material considered libelous or defamatory

• text or creations that infringe on the intellectual property of other Tri-Stat Emporium works

• material that infringes on the intellectual property of any media property (such as TV shows or movies, books, comics, games, etc.)

• text, art, or other content that falls outside the allowable usage guidelines outlined earlier


Trade Dress

You are encouraged, but not required, to use the layout templates that Dyskami provides to the Emporium programme when creating your works. These templates are provided in both InDesign and Word formats, and you are welcome to modify these templates to meet your needs.


Legal and Logos

Either the solo Tri-Stat Emporium logo OR the combined BESM/Tri-Stat Emporium logo must clearly appear on your title’s cover. The logo may be resized as desired, but the aspect ratio must be maintained and the logo may not otherwise to altered in any way. No other logos from any Tri-Stat System products, whether from current titles or older ones, can be reproduced in your works.

The following legal text must also appear within your Emporium works in a section dedicated to legal and copyright information (replacing “20XX” with your works’ publication year):

  • BESM Fourth Edition created and written by Mark MacKinnon
  • BESM Fourth Edition published by Dyskami Publishing Company with Japanime Games
  • Tri-Stat Emporium, Tri-Stat System, and BESM are trademarks of White Wolf Entertainment AB
  • Tri-Stat System text © 20XX White Wolf Entertainment AB. All rights reserved under international law.


Contact Information

Should you have questions about the Tri-Stat Emporium community content programme and its rules and guidelines, please contact Dyskami at


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