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Pip Worlds Community Guidelines

Jeffrey Montgomery -

Pip Worlds Community Guidelines

Updated May 6, 2020


Welcome to the Pip Worlds Community Content Program! We’re excited to read the bounty of horror you’re about to share with us. Reading these guidelines will prepare you for making, preparing, and publishing your Pip Worlds content.


What Is It?

Pip Worlds is a way to publish and distribute Pip System content you have written, including original scenarios, settings, spells and more.


You create content, format it to our design template, and then upload the PDF to the site. Your work becomes part of the Pip Worlds content on DriveThruRPG – able to be accessed by the community and, optionally, providing a financial return to you.


Third Eye Games has created easy to use style templates (in both MS Word and Adobe InDesign) specifically created for Pip Worlds to help you create your own content.


Can I Sell The Content I Create?

Yes, creators can make money from their published community content – or make it freely available (it is entirely up to you). Any retail sales are split between the creator (i.e. you), OneBookShelf (DriveThru's parent company), and Third Eye Games. As creator, you get 50% of the sale. For example, if your product retails on the site for USD $10.00, this is how the split of revenue is made:


  • $5.00 to the creator

  • $3.00 to DTRPG

  • $2.00 to Third Eye Games


You set the price. Which could be free or otherwise. The financial process is fully automated, requiring no additional administration from the creator. You can read DriveThru’s notes about this at:


Note: you may be familiar with the existing community content for D&D, ours follows the same model in terms of revenue split and general rules.


What Rules Can I Use In My Product For Pip Worlds?

Your work can use any rules and setting materials from the following books and materials published by Third Eye Games


  • the Pip System Corebook

  • Mermaid Adventures Revised

  • Infestation, an RPG of Bugs and Heroes Revised

  • any issue of the Pip System Primer


What Can’t I Use In My Pip Worlds Product?

Any core rules, mechanics, and character creation steps and guidelines cannot be used in any Pip Worlds products. In order to play any Pip Worlds products, customers must use any of the authorized materials mentioned above.


Rules from any material that infringes on copyright held by someone else. In order words, you cannot use material that is not directly authorized by this program.


Can I Use Pip System Art?

Because the majority of current Pip System products used stock art or art that is openly available to other publishers, there is no available art for you to “borrow.” However, we will provide a list of artists we have used in the past for stock art to help you on the way to making your Pip Worlds content.

AI Art

This Community Content Program follows the DTRPG Guidelines with AI Art.

Tool- and AI-Generated Images

The following policy applies only to titles listed by publishers on DriveThruRPG. Other sites and community programs are, for now, exempt from these rules.

3rd Party Tool-Generated Images

All product listings that feature art or maps generated using a tool or service designed to reduce or offset the artistic process (such as donjon, Inkarnate, or Dungeondraft) are required to utilize the Format > Creation Method > 3rd Party Tool-Made title filter, except in the following instances:

the tool uses only art assets that you have created by hand;
the art has undergone additional processing or modification post-generation (such as animating generated maps or tokens, painting and compositing over content, etc.); or
the product is expressly approved by OneBookShelf.

AI-Generated Images

All product listings that feature art created automatically by an AI-generation tool meant to bypass or replace human artistry, such as ArtBreeder, MidJourney, NightCafe, etc. are required to utilize the Format > Creation Method > AI-Generated title filter, except in the following instances:

the art has undergone significant processing/modification post-generation; or
the product is expressly approved by OneBookShelf.

Note for AI-Generated Stock Art

Titles containing any art rendered by AI-generated tools that are sold as "Stock Art" (under the Product Type > Publisher Resources filter) must also display the following statement in their product description:

This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

Titles that do not comply are subject to removal from the marketplace. Repeat offenders may have their publishing permissions revoked.


What Kind Of Products Are Welcome In The Pip Worlds?

Original scenarios, settings, archetypes, new skills, stats for monsters, extras... anything you can think of that would be a great fit for the Pip System!


You may also create your own version of handouts for official Pip Worlds campaigns (but remember that handouts for Third Eye Games scenarios bear our copyrighted text, so ensure you properly credit Third Eye Games: see the notes on credits and copyright below).


Products in the Pip Worlds may be in English or any other language.


If a current, in-print Pip System Corebook translation exists (e.g. Japanese, Korean, German, French etc) creators must use the current edition of the game in that language. For example, Japanese contributions to the Pip Worlds must use the current Japanese edition of the rules.


For languages where a current, in-print edition does not exist, creators must use the English Pip System Corebook rules as their reference.


What Types Of Content Are Prohibited?

  • Conversions of content from other roleplaying games, other game lines and/or settings published with other system (such as the Chakra System) by Third Eye Games, or other copyrighted media.

  • Comics, fiction (unless short vignettes in roleplaying game materials)

  • Software or apps.

  • Products that infringe on the intellectual property of others.

  • Crowd-funded content.

  • Material included in Third Eye Games products under license. Please check the copyright statements in your Third Eye Games products to determine ownership and copyright.


In addition

  • Your Work does not contain material that a reasonable person would consider libelous, defamatory, racist, homophobic, or discriminatory; that violates the copyrights or trademarks of another party; or that violates the law.

  • Your Work does not contain material that the general public would classify as extreme adult content, such as pornography or extreme violence.


Does My Pip Worlds Content Have To Be “Family-Friendly?”

No, so long as it continues to comply with all other conditions in this program. We'd love to see the Pip System used to create grim worlds set in the cold vacuum of outer space or the exploits of a modern day reporter exposing corruption in the city she calls home. The point to the Pip Worlds program is to showcase the wide variety of genres and themes possible with the Pip System.


Can I Copy Information From The Pip System Corebook Into My Product?

You can reference information in the Pip System products mentioned in this document, but please refrain from copying directly from the books whenever possible - an exception to this is monster statistics taken from Third Eye Games’ Pip System products, which you may reproduce in material for the Pip Worlds.


Who Owns Material In The Pip Worlds?

You retain the copyright of any original IP you create for the Pip Worlds. Third Eye Games owns the IP it provides for use including rules, settings, characters, concepts, plots, storylines etc.


How Does Credits And Copyright Work?

Our template features the trademark and licensing language you must include on the Credits Page of your work. This acknowledges the Pip System is a creation of Third Eye Games and is used with permission.


You should also include a copyright notice of your own – [title of work] [©date] [name of authors]

If you intend to use art from elsewhere, ensure that you have clear permission to do so and credit the artist or source.


I Already Have A Third Eye Games License, How Does This Affect That?

Pip Worlds is a separate element from our licensing structure and does not supersede your existing license – it essentially works separately in parallel, if you choose to contribute to the program. If your product will contain an alternate, adapted, or modified version of the Pip System and/or you wish to provide the core rules, mechanics, and character creation in your own words, the Pip System License may be for you.


Learn more about the Pip System License at


How Do I Prepare The Pdf Of My Title For Sale?

There’s a few steps here to walk you through if you’re a creator using DriveThruRPG for the first time. There’s also an additional step for you as a community content creator. After creating your content, go to your account page and look in the "My Content" section. You can use the "Add a new title" link after you agree to the Community Content Agreement.


Create - If you want to lay out your Digital PDF from scratch

TUTORIALS - Tutorials for new publishers, to help you use Adobe Acrobat software to make better downloadable PDFs.

QUICK SPECS (PDF) - To get you started.

QUICK CHECK LIST (PDF) - To be sure you don't miss anything.

EPUB & MOBI EXPORT TUTORIAL - FROM INDESIGN (PDF) - To show you how to prepare your InDesign file for export to the ePub format, and how to use Calibre to convert your ePub file to the Mobi format.

EPUB & MOBI EXPORT TUTORIAL - FROM MICROSOFT WORD (PDF) - To show you how to prepare your Microsoft Word file for export to the ePub format, and how to use Calibre to convert your ePub file to the Mobi format.

Prep - You've already created your PDF and just need to see if it is all set to upload

QUICK SPECS (PDF) - To get you started.

QUICK CHECK LIST (PDF) - To be sure you don't miss anything.

Enhance - You've already created your PDF and want to add enhancements

VIDEO TUTORIALS - To enhance your PDF.

Ready - Once your print files are ready to upload

Once content is published, it can be found in the Pip Worlds.


After your product is for sale, your account will begin to accrue a 50% royalty every time your title sells. You can withdraw your accumulated royalties via PayPal by going to the My Money section of the Account page. Note that the My Money section of your Account page will not display until you have a balance accrued.

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